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ProBanker simulation software is used in college level commercial banking, management of financial institutions, and money and banking courses as a supplemental tool, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Overview of Game

ProBanker allows instructors to relate lecture-based banking principles with the hands-on experience in running a commercial bank. It provides an opportunity for experiential learning in a classroom that is both rigorous and fun.

The main inputs for the game include variables that are covered extensively in most commercial banking courses:

  • Interest rates for demand, retail, installment and mortgage rate loans
  • Interest rates for CDs, passbook accounts and long-term deposits
  • Purchase and sale of federal funds (intra-bank lending)
  • Purchase and sale of government bonds
  • Provision for loan losses and corporate loan standards
  • Dividends and repurchase of shares
  • Advertising expenses for loans and deposits
  • Loan standards and capital ratios


ProBanker offers two modes for training. In Autosim mode, participants play against the computer to help them understand the sensitivity and impact of each variable in isolation. In Competitive mode, they play against other teams in a simulated banking market. The application allows for different degrees of complexity, making it appropriate for use from introductory commercial bank management courses to advanced electives in risk management and money and banking.

Diagnostic tool to assist instructors

To make it easier for the instructors to interpret the results, ProBanker has developed a diagnostic tool to provide the necessary information to analyze the outcomes. This is a useful tool as the algorithms and interdependency among variables can be challenging to decipher after each run. Instructors are better able to help students understand the impact of their decisions and suggest ways to improve their performance.


The simulation allows the instructor to increase the complexity of the game incrementally to keep pace with the teaching of the core principles. For example, the game can turn off various variables such as the percentage of non-performing loans, loan loss rates, fee income, deposit premiums and reserve requirements.

The simulation allows the instructor to change the macro environment and other parameters to provide a variety of realistic scenarios. Variables include changes to GDP, the term structure of interest rates, and demand functions.

Teaching Objectives

The objective of using the simulation when teaching the commercial banking or financial institution courses is to:

  • Appreciate the importance of asset liability management (ALM) and interest rate risk management strategies in a competitive environment.
  • Gain a strong knowledge of the various instruments used in the acquisition and investment of funds including loans, deposits, bonds and certificate of deposits.
  • Recognize the complexity of managing the various products and services in a coordinated and integrated approach.
  • Understand the relationship between market share, profitability and regulatory capital.

Coverage of Topics In ProBanker Simulation

The following instruments and bank management topics are covered in the simulation. The level and depth of the coverage is left to the discretion of the instructor.

  • Forecasting and setting interest rates
  • Term structure of interest rates
  • Deposit insurance
  • Basel regulations
  • Installment loans
  • Loan loss accounting
  • Passbook accounts
  • Leverage ratios
  • Share buybacks
  • Loan loss provisions
  • Bond pricing
  • Asset Liability management
  • Interest rate risk management
  • Reserve Requirements
  • Fixed and floating rate loans
  • Mortgages
  • Demand deposits
  • Negotiable and retails CDs
  • Discount Window advances
  • Net interest and fee income
  • Advertising expenses
  • Elasticity of demand and supply