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ProBanker simulation software is a software tool to enhance the teaching experience of college level banking courses and corporate training programs. The web-based program allows participants, working in teams, to input a range of decisions related to deposit and loan pricing, bond investments, and capital management. The variables include deposit rates, and loan spreads, advertising expenses, dividends, loan loss provisions and security sales. The results of the simulation are reviewed every quarter and discussed with the instructor prior to inputting decisions for the following quarter.

The rapidly evolving financial services sector in the last three decades has produced an increasing array of products and services. Managers have to fully understand the strengths, weaknesses and interdependence of these instruments and learn to deploy them in a comprehensive and innovative manner. ProBanker simulation provides a richer learning experience by allowing participants to apply the basic principles of banking in a real word environment subject to change, uncertainty and competition.

Overview of Game

ProBanker simulates a competitive banking environment where managers acquire deposits and long-term capital and distribute them in the form of loans and investments. The impact of competition and regulation are both integrated into the simulation, making it a challenging environment for participants to maximize market share and profits. The complexity of the simulation can be varied to tailor to the objectives of the course and the background of the participants, including changing the macroeconomic environment, shifting demand and supply functions, and varying the term structure of interest rates.

Features of the Simulation

Players practice at their own pace with Autosim

ProBanker operates in two modes, competitive and Autosim. Competitive mode has the pedagogical benefits of a shared exercise with a little rivalry mixed in to motivate the players. Autosim has the benefits of allowing players to practice and experiment freely, without the constraints of competitive play.

Players enter decisions & receive their reports online

With ProBanker, there is no tedious record keeping for the instructor. Players enter their decisions directly into the ProBanker database using their web browser. Simulation reports can be viewed online, or downloaded to a local machine. Players can access their game any time, from any web browser.

All parameters of the simulation are editable

All significant aspects of the simulation, including the macroeconomic environment and yield curve dynamics, balance sheet structure, capital regulations, etc. are freely adjustable. The administrator's manual offers suggested scenarios to emphasize particular pedagogical issues.

Comprehensive Administrator’s Manual

An 11-chapter administrator's manual, describing all economic aspects of the simulation in full detail is available to instructors. It also provides sample assignments and suggested simulation scenarios.

Easy execution and payment

The simulation is designed to be set up and played quickly. Prior games can be copied effortlessly for repeat classes. Players pay online by credit card without burdening the administrator. Site license are available.