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ProBanker Simulations is a pioneer in producing simulation software for the classroom with nearly 30 years of experience.

Manage a Sophisticated Financial Institution

Our flagship simulation teaches the core principles and analytical tools for the management of financial institutions. It provides a realistic environment to apply the various instruments and strategies for effective decision making in managing financial institutions.

ProBanker Simulation

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • A "hands on" experience to manage a financial institution
  • Based on sound economic principles
  • Allows for a variety of programmable economic scenarios
  • Provides two modes of play: Autosim (player versus computer) and Competitive (player versus other player, in teams)
  • Used at dozens of universities and business institutions
  • Available in multiple languages, including Chinese

For Instructors

The ProBanker software provides a "hands on" management experience to teach the management of financial institutions that is more realistic than any problem set or case study. A 150-page Administrator Manual fully explains the simulation model, which is based on sound economic concepts.

Additional features include student-tested assignments that apply and reinforce financial tools taught in the classroom. You can freely customize ProBanker events to illustrate particular points, or to apply particular tools learned in class.

ProBanker is easy to use.

  • You and your students install no software! ProBanker runs on our computer.
  • Your access occurs through a standard web browser.
  • ProBanker automatically handles the clerical chores of collecting decisions and returning reports.
Admin iconAdministrative Ease
Diagnostic iconDiagnostic tool to assist in interpreting results
User-Friendly iconUser-Friendly for Your Players
Flexibility iconFlexibility in setting up a variety of macroeconomic conditions
Extensive Support iconExtensive support features to assist you in teaching effectively

For Students

Each ProBanker individual or team takes the role of the Chief Executive
Officer (CEO) at a domestic bank that:

  • Operates in a competitive environment
  • Requires decisions every quarter that impact deposits, loans and securities
  • Tests your strategic skills as you evaluate competitor actions
  • Challenges you to maximize shareholder wealth by producing high, steady earnings

To maximize your bank's share price, you make quarterly decisions about

  • Asset and liability pricing
  • Liability management
  • Advertising
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Capital structure
  • Comply with some important regulatory restrictions.
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For Corporations

ProBanker provides an ideal game to teach individuals working in financial institutions, from mid-level management to executive officers.

Emphasis is placed on

  • Strategic decision making
  • Team work
  • Analytical work and performance indicators
  • Leadership skills
  • Stress testing
  • Performance evaluation
As I just told my wife, comparing the last simulation game I used with this one is like comparing a Volkswagen Beetle with a Rolls Royce.
- Prof. M.

An administrator’s manual describes all economic aspects

There is an 11-chapter administrator's manual, describing all economic aspects of the simulation in full detail. It also provides sample assignments and suggested simulation scenarios.


Players can practice at their own pace with Autosim

ProBanker operates in two modes, competitive and autosim. Competitive mode has the pedagogical benefits of a shared exercise with a little rivalry mixed in to motivate the players. Autosim has the benefits of allowing players to practice and experiment freely, without the constraints of competitive play.


Players enter decisions & receive their reports online

With ProBanker, there is no tedious paperwork for the administrator. Players enter their decisions directly into the ProBanker database using their web browser. Similarly, their simulation reports can be viewed online, or downloaded to a local machine. The admin never needs to intervene in the clerical work, Moreover, players can access their game any time, from any web browser.


All parameters of the simulation are editable

All significant aspects of the simulation, including the macroeconomic environment and yield curve dynamics, balance sheet structure, capital regulations, etc. are freely adjustable. The administrator's manual even offers suggested scenarios to emphasize particular pedagogical issues.


Easy execution and payment

The simulation is designed to be set up and played quickly. Prior games can be copied effortlessly for repeat classes. Players pay online by credit card without burdening the administrator. Site license available. Players pay online by credit card, without burdening the administrator. Site licensing is still available for those who prefer it, though.